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I have a heart full of adoration and respect for Diana and Michael. This amazing couple has blessed my life in so many ways. I met them at the most heartbreaking time in my life. My youngest son had suffered a series of traumatic injuries and was very sick. He did not appear to be getting better. Life for my family was extremely painful.  Michael and Diana's healing session was the most powerful experience I have ever witnessed.  Diana and Michael are extremely loving, remarkably gifted and powerful beings. I truly believe their healing changed the course of my son's life as well as my own. They continue to be a huge blessing. I will be forever grateful.
I highly recommend their services. Make an appointment.

 ~ Susanne P., Corte Madera

As a team, Diana and Michael combine highly effective shamanic clearings with deeply intuitive techniques and light body activation in their healing sessions. Their extraordinary skills and high level of mastery, honed in the crucible of their own life experiences, allows them to get to the very root issues that need to be released. They follow up with helpful practical steps and guidance to assist in transformation. Diana and Michael work with the utmost integrity, creating a safe and loving space. We highly recommend them!
~ Rod and Isabella Price, Walnut Creek, CA

Wow.. i was never much of a spiritual person. After a decade of misery and despondency, death and self hatred, addiction and affliction, I knew something needed to change. I had had a stroke and heart attack in 2014, at 21 years old. I was in a come for eight days, and in the ICU for two months, with a collective four months in the hospital. Nothing changed. I spent another two years wallowing in despair and loathing, fear and disgust.

When I finally met with Diana and Michael I was absolutely open to anything. My mom, Michael, Diana, and I ended up talking for 2-3 hours. They knew things they couldn't have known, and it wasn't presented in a way that was trying to surprise me. They would make off handed comments about some things in my life that were not common knowledge. It intruiged me very much so.

At one point all four of us were crying, crying, crying. It was beautiful, terrifying, powerful. At this point in time, about a year ago, I had an external fixator on my leg. Two rods going into my shin, two THROUGH my heel, and one in my foot, all connected. I laid down and he had his hands right above my body, not even touching me. Within seconds I could feel something physical. About ten minutes in, I felt a vibration in my shoulders, so strong I started crying. Remember this was such a vulnerable time in my life, so any feeling, emotional or physical, was excruciatingly scary. Then my heart started vibrating. I don't know how to explain it other than I could feel the energy in my heart. Mine, his, hers, it was all one.

I felt darkness leave.

I felt fear dispel.

I felt emotion return.

I felt hope return.

It took quite some time after for me to get better. There is always a late response to healing, whether spiritual or medicinal. About eight months ago I started getting better.

I started walking again, without thr support of a cane or crutches, for the first time in three years.

I got clean and sober, after years and years of using.

Whether this was a coincidence, an anamoly, or a divine intervention, I'll let you be the judge.

-maxfield painter


For those seeking healing, house clearing, or clairvoyant readings, Michael and Diana Melchizedek are two of the most gifted, loving healers and intuitives I have encountered. I have had my house cleared, with elaborate information given to me about the history of what had occurred on my property.  The after effects of peace and calm were noticeable immediately.  I have also had personal healings and clairvoyant information given to me about myself and my family.  This information was both informative and useful, and I was able to take it and utilize it in my life with ease.  And the most important aspect is that I felt so cared for throughout the whole process.  The connection was immediate and I know I will seek their counsel and wisdom again.  Michael and Diana work together, each providing different aspects of the shamanic/clairvoyant process and their work is truly a gift.  Blessings to you on your journey! 

~ April A., Richmond, CA

I have worked with both Diana and Michael as spiritual guides and healers. They have an amazing capacity to dig deep for the core issues while also keeping a very high and light vibration present in their fields. Highly recommended. 

~ Melanie H., Berkeley, CA

Diana and Michael Melchizedek are gifted healers. I had them do some clearing and blessings in my home. Having a background myself in metaphysics and alternative healing, and certificates in Sound Therapy as well, I give them both a very positive recommendation for their beautiful work. It was a blessing and joy to have them share their blessed gifts in my home.  The mission was accomplished.

Michael is a talented Shaman and Diana holds the incredibly reverent energy of Mother Mary as her guide. Together, they create a beautiful balance of the divine sacred masculine and feminine holding a focused energy of light, love and healing.   You will truly be blessed to have their beloved presence  and service  for yourselves or your home.

~ Pamela M., Fairfax, CA