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Meet Diana

Diana Melchizedek

I had the blessing of being born into a female lineage with a strong devotion to Mother Mary and Her mother, Anna. I was conceived with the intercession of Anna through their prayers to Anna and welcomed into the world with nuns rubbing holy relics of Anna on my mother while she was birthing me. I continued to have a strong love of Mary and Anna all throughout my childhood. 

 In 1993, I began receiving messages spontaneously from Mother Mary in my Brooklyn apartment as well as visits from her and several other beings. The Mother has been my true guru and has overseen my spiritual development and guided me on my journey from Christian Mysticism to Eastern Spirituality through my Melchizedek Priestess initiations. 

In 1996, after moving to the Bay Area, three Ascended Masters visited me in my living room one night. They gave me a message from Melchizedek, “Master Melchizedek has chosen you to have the opportunity to be a worldwide patriot for those in need of spiritual guidance.” They repeated the message three times and asked that I write it down so I would always remember it. 

In 1998, I saw the name Melchizedek written in white gold with a diamond dotting the “i” hanging over me while resting on my bed. 

In 1999, I began my private healing practice and made a life-altering trip to southern India in 2005. 

In 2007, I was guided to move to Mount Shasta.  It was there that I met my husband and twin flame, Michael. Michael and I began our work together in the world by giving talks on our experiences with Telos, the inner city of Mount Shasta. 

In 2009, I heard the powerful Voice of the Father Creator announcing a name for me to use -  Sa’Ra which means ‘appointed by God’ and  Michael and I were married in 2010 and both took the name Melchizedek as our new last name. 

In 2011, I became initiated as a Priestess of Isis. 

In 2012, I became a birth and postpartum doula and now mentor clients in conscious conception, pregnancy, birth and parenting practices.  

After 20 years under the tutelage of Mother Mary, I began receiving teachings and initiations from the Great Mother - - Sophia. She spoke to me and asked me to consider myself Her PhD student - that I would be brought to Her highest teachings and that I was to become a voice for Her in the world. Over the next two years, I was taken through many profound activations and initiations from many of the world’s Divine Mother incarnations which would prepare me to hold Her Light -  to be Her Voice calling humanity back to the Creatress - back to their own Divinity. 

In July  2016, at midnight while at an ashram on a personal retreat, I heard the loudest thunder I have ever experienced - the heavens felt like they were literally rocking and I heard a booming voice announce, “She IS Here!” “YOU ARE EMBODIED!” Within two weeks of my embodiment experience,  while preparing for a ritual honoring Mother Mary’s Ascension, the Holy Ampulla was placed by the Dove of the Holy Spirit in my left hand and I was given instructions to transmit Ascension Activations using an Ancient Coronation Ritual. This ritual was passed down through the ages for the Kings of antiquity when they were considered to be Divine beings or Avatars as well as political leaders. This powerful activation has been resurrected once again for us as we move to a new way of being in a new world - as we become engaged as caretakers of the earth and each other.

I attended the first teacher certification training for the Holy Womb Chakra System as taught by Sri Kaleshwar, teachings originally given to the great septarishis of India and written in the Ancient Palm Leaf Manuscripts, and received my teacher's certification in April 2018. 

In addition to the vast work Michael and I offer,  I am presently in the process of writing my book, “ Initiations of The Mother”. 

Meet Michael

Michael Melchizedek

As a young child I had a near death experience when I nearly drowned while swimming in the Atlantic Ocean when I was pulled into a very strong undertow to the ocean floor then I saw a white light and was somehow capable of breathing. After this experience, I had visits from  angelic beings appearing in my bedroom throughout my childhood. 

My first major job was working as a process engineer in the automotive industry working on skills such as team building, leadership skills, quality control, colorist and trouble-shooting. After working for the same company for 16 years, I suffered a devastating industrial accident leaving me in a wheel chair for 5 years. I had major surgery without success with doctors finally stating that I would never have a full recovery, which meant either staying in the wheelchair or at best being only able to walk using a cane. I suffered emotionally by the finality of this prognosis and began to re-educate myself in various alternative healing modalities such as shamanism, sacred prayer, visualization and meditation. I left with my mom to travel to Quebec and took a pilgrimage for the feast of Saint Anne to Basilica Of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre. I begin to walk slowly using a cane to reach the steps and was to kneel best I could every step for it is the belief “miracles” do happen. I held the faith I would be cured along with my mom so, when we exited the church, I was inspired to walk near the fountain where the statue of Saint Anne (Grandmother of Jesus) stood. I heard a voice and it said, “Step back into the spray of the fountain”. I did along with my mom and she was instanly healed and put her cane down and walked away. Within two years, I had a full recovery - I was capable of walking. I went back to my doctors and shared my new program with them - they were shocked to see that I had healed myself so effectively and so quickly as my prognoses was bleak.  I have taken my personal journey, self -education, and healing work that I received and was to  share with those in similar circumstances and the world. Through my sharing, I am inspiring others to never allow anyone else to decide one’s fate and to take the driver’s seat “the dark night of the soul” and break through their personal limitations - the emotions - the junk that’s in the way of accessing our true self. Since meeting my wife, Diana, in Mt.Shasta in May 2007, we now work together living and walking our talk and teaching these ‘truths” of the sacred fire….the Alchemy to obtain the Christ Consciousness within us all. I owe all of my physical healing and work to Mother for it was not possible without her infinite love. I am so blessed and am bringing along with Diana this sacred fire to others for it is the only truly way to reach the Christ Conciousness. Namaste!